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Home Sweet Home

I was putszing around late one night in the office and decided to park myself and meditate.  I took a look around and felt a really great sense of contentment.  Sometimes it is the quiet of the evening that allows our mind to settle enough to truly appreciate where we are in the world.




Whenever I think about radishes, I think of picnics. My mother always made an effort to have us eat outdoors in good weather, and organized family picnics too. When I think of the work that it takes to pack up 6-8 different foods, utensils, platters, plates, beverages, dessert etc. I also think of how those moments brought a simple pleasure to our lives.

Radishes remind me to savour these kinds of moments. Nothing big, nor flashy, but quite joyful.

Radishes. Sea salt.


Pots ‘n Pans

I will admit that I love looking at my cooking equipment, even if it is on the drainboard!

It’s all good!

Spring at the Farm

Every day when I wake up, I take a peek out the windows to see how the day has chosen to unfold.  I meditate and then walk Gracie.  Do you have a morning ritual?

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