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Don’t forget about me

I grew up many a night eating over cooked food.  Brussel sprouts cooked properly are delicious!  Roasted with olive oil and garlic, braised with butter or steamed served with olive oil and freshly ground sea salt and nutmeg…now you’re talking!

Secret Ingredient: Whole Nutmeg

Ok kids, this modest little gem is a secret to many a fine dish.  I remember my Dutch grandmother using nutmeg in her apple pies along with fresh cinnamon.  While working in my parents food business I was taught to use it in quiche.  When I had my own restaurant and cook shop, one of my chefs got me using it in many forms of baked goods, as well as broccoli, brussel sprouts, and the all important eggnog at Christmas.  It is a game changer in homemade pumpkin pie and I use it grated over spaghetti squash with garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.


When given the opportunity, don’t negate the power of this spice….and for Pete’s sake, use fresh!  Just say’n.




Whenever I think about radishes, I think of picnics. My mother always made an effort to have us eat outdoors in good weather, and organized family picnics too. When I think of the work that it takes to pack up 6-8 different foods, utensils, platters, plates, beverages, dessert etc. I also think of how those moments brought a simple pleasure to our lives.

Radishes remind me to savour these kinds of moments. Nothing big, nor flashy, but quite joyful.

Radishes. Sea salt.


Fresh Food Fast!

This is the tag line I created for my parents food business 35 years ago.  It pretty much says it all.  It is also a reminder that you can make delicious food that is good for you without spending the whole day in the kitchen.


Buttery veggie tarts with a salad is one of my go-to favourites for a weekend lunch.  Add soup to the mix and it becomes a bigger meal.   For this one I put homemade pesto as the base, layered roasted red peppers, grilled onions, feta, and greek olives.


My salads are different every time I make them, but I am always sure to include herbs and spices with anti-inflammatory properties like garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, thyme and oregano for example.  I also use lemon juice as the acid when making dressings as lemon juice stimulates good liver function; which is good since Mama likes her wine with supper!


Bon Appetite!

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