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Fall Flowers

Even though fall is here, it does not mean the end to flowers.  I used kale, sedum, dahlia’s, hydrangeas and hosta’s all of which are still going strong! yay!  The container is an antique pewter wine bucket, which I think is cool!


I love to layout my treasures on the island before I decide which vessel they will go in, how they will be displayed and where.  #simplepleasures

Plants For A Beautiful Healthy Home

It is no secret that I am a plant geek.  I come by it honestly, my mother always had plants in our home (some I inherited!), and my Dutch father always maintained beautiful gardens.  Admittedly, growing up I didn’t have the attachment to them that I do now.  I am sensitive to environments that lack life, that are too hard, so I love to introduce at least one plant per room (usually more).

Here are 3 reasons that I think everyone should have plants in their homes.

1. Plants soften a room.  Floors, countertops, chairs, tables…all have an inherent hardness.  When you bring in a plant there is a softening of edges as well as a freshness of colour.  I have found that sometimes all a room needs is a plant.

2.Plants naturally purify the air.  We all grew up understanding that plants take in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, but more recently scientists have proven that plants remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  A couple of the easiest plants to grow and find are Spider plants and Golden Pathos.

3.Plants connect us to nature.  When we are learning to care for another living thing, we automatically see the outside world with fresh eyes.  We begin to care about our external environment, about our parks and about the world at large, and that, is a good thing.

Check out Joanna Gaines Blog on the plants she uses in her designs, gorgeous!

Hotel Flowers Offer Inspiration

One aspect that I love when staying in a nice hotel is the assortment of fresh flowers.  Whether quite grand or modest, I always take a moment to study the design, the flowers and any special additions to the arrangement.  This arrangement was in The Beverley Hills Hilton .  Simple with hydrangeas, oversized vases, greens and twigs.  Perfect!

Living Wall

This has been on my radar for so many years now.  I took this shot at a local restaurant in Naples last week.  The outside of the restaurant is concrete except for the living walls.

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