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Cammo is a neutral

If you find the right one, cammo is a neutral just like animal prints.  Love this Coach bag.  Its reversible too!  Function and style.

Window shopping

I love this, really.  Just taking it all in.  Enjoying the creativity of a window.  It matters not if I am buying.


Every time I go to Drake 150 in Toronto, I am taken by the floor.  I don’t know…could I have it in my own home?  Not sure, but I love to see it here!  Especially against my favourite ballet flats from Sam Edelman, who makes really great stylish comfy shoes!

In The Pink

I was heading out to a birthday celebration and was in that mood even before my first glass of pink bubbly!  I love pulling together outfits from different places.  The bright fuscia coat is from India and I like that it is just enough to keep away the chill but not heavy like a sweater.  The embroidered slippers and sweater are both from Nordstrom (sale time baby!!!).

Dressing Up Is Still In Style

I smiled when I saw this window at Bergdorf’s a little while ago.  It is a loose riff on what my mother always said: that when given the opportunity, have fun and dress up!  I took this a step further and decided that any opportunity to go out and socialize demanded that I put some extra care and effort into my appearance.  Translation: dress up and no one will complain.


I love to see people well turned out.  It doesn’t have to be high end fashion, just high end effort.  Whether going to a local restaurant or theatre in NYC, I will take the time to get out of my regular garb of jeans, t-shirt and converse and organize a beautiful outfit.


Even if you throw on a beautiful necklace or wicked shoes, you have made an effort.  Just do it already.  We get old soon enough and then we will wish we took the time to wear the lovely clothes and accessories we diligently collected for so many years.


I stopped in my tracks after coming across this display in The Toronto Shangrila Hotel .  It is a time when you are able to confidently say that fashion is also an art form .

Colour, craftsmanship, drama, design, aesthetic, fabrication….There is a reason couture is expensive. Yves Saint Laurant was a visionary.

Product Safety App

Up until I came across the app Think Dirty, this was my favourite lipstick.  Then upon scanning the bar code with the app, I found that the majority of its ingredients are carcinogens or toxic to some degree.  The app is easy to use and well worth the minute or two to find out the safety of cosmetics, lotions, shampoos etc.  Don’t forget that our skin is the largest organ, what we put on it counts.

Wait, what?

A few weeks ago, Patrick and I went out to a party and came back to our Naples home to find one of the fire alarm batteries needing to be replaced…at 2:00 am…with no ladder.  So with my spidy senses I scaled Emily’s side table, with garden stool perched on top, then the said battery was replaced, as evidenced in my paw mudra.  I liked my outfit and my newly blown out hair (I drool when I get my hair blown out…so relaxing when someone else washes and styles your hair) and then we had to take a picture for posterity….plus you gotta get that meditation in when you can….it counts.  Just sayin’.

Taking Risks in Fashion

I love this photo of me for two reasons: one, I normally do not like to have my picture taken, and secondly and more importantly, I had fun with this outfit.  It was New Years Eve in Naples.  I bought the vintage head piece from  The Cats Meow in Toronto last summer.   I saw it as a fun statement piece.  That night I wore a sleeveless cream maxi column dress and gold sandals.  Oh ya, and gold Alexander McQueen skull ring and clutch.  Some times you gotta go big or go home, and on New Years Eve Mama ain’t going home any time soon!

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